Welcome to the very basic intro page of Ord Draiochta (Order of Magic) for the realm of Hibernia on Bors.

The founders of the guild are mature players who cherish comradery over powerleveling and fun over mindless advancement. The guild is seeking to develop a closeknit group that can do both Realm versus Realm outings and intra-Hibernian monster hunts. Most of the founders are mid 20's to early 30's and have full time day jobs and families. What does that mean? It means that although we play a lot, there will be nights that we may or may not be logged on. At the moment, we are looking to hit around 25-30 members and if that goes well then we can invite more players.

The idea of the guild is to be one composed of people who are wielders of Hibernia's powerful magics. Hibernia being a land infused with magic means that most characters have some form of magic. This, however, does not exclude characters who have no magic. In fact, it is essential that spellcasters have protection in the form of scouts, fighters, and any other type of non-magic wielding combo you can imagine.

If you or someone you know is a mature player that is looking for more than an Irish Quake Arena, then please contact the guildmaster at: ptingler@columbus.rr.com or do a /send in game to Sidheog, Padhraic, or Salubris.

For those who are members of the guild, the guild mailing list can be found at: Ord Draiochta Yahoo Group.

Rank and Title in Ord Draiochta

Rank 0 Guildmaster
Rank 1 Seneschal
Rank 2 Presbuteros
Rank 3 Magister
Rank 4 Philosophus
Rank 5 Illuminatus
Rank 6 Guardian
Rank 7 Provost
Rank 8 Apprentice
Rank 9 Novitiate

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