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At this point, it’s about 7 AM (real time) and we’ve been playing all night. Aidan’s player, Tim, is awake, but J’hin’s player, Patrick, has retired to the couch to make his calls, and we’ve completely lost Daphne’s player, Matt, to Hypnos. But as Tim is so excited to play, we continue. Everyone should bookmark this moment, however, as we will return to it later...

Now, our heroes, invisible J’hin, invisible Daphne, invisible Aidan, and “visible illusion of the dead guard” are about to enter the 72 Warehouse Offices. The security camera records the door opening and, after a moment, the dead guard entering.

Aidan takes stock of the situation. They are in the lobby/reception area of the offices. There is a receptionist window and a door, some spots to sit and the security camera. The camera records the receptionist’s window opening, but not Aidan crawling through it.

In the receptionist’s area, Aidan finds a computer terminal and jacks in. It should be noted that this is the original Aidan, complete with full encephalon system. He essentially has enough cyberware to be a complete deckless decker! So anyway, “master hacker” plugs in and Patrick finally goes to sleep.

Aidan navigates the tiny interal system, and ends up breaking a few Access IC programs. He then finds himself in the camera looking at J’hin and Daphne. He destroys the evidence of the guard entering the office and his entering the receptionist’s area. He then proceeds further through the system and hits a few larger IC programs. He runs from the first few of these and ends up in an office. He takes a moment to enter the printer system and have the printers print messages to the office workers (for their arrival in the morning. Typical things like “Hello. You don’t know I’m here.”) He then gets to a nice databank that is guarded by a nasty trace and burn wolf. After missing a few rolls, the wolf tears off down the connection toward our heroe’s entry point. Aidan, not wanting to get burned, jacks out.

Thus ends the first Shadowrun session of the “one-shot” Warehouse adventure.

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