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The second session...

Upon our re-convening, some major changes needed to take place. First, Tim was not at all satisfied with his character. He simply did not enjoy the decking experience and wanted to concentrate solely on being a big, muscle-type. I told him no problem (hey, we changed J’hin in mid-adventure!) and took his character sheet. I made some notes about a good deal of cyberware and bioware changes to his character. I told him I would take care of how he got it, just to play it. It should be OK. In addition, two more people, our roommate, Andrew, and another Windhamite, Harry, wanted to play. Again, being open, I agreed. Andrew made up an Ork Shaman and I made a background for him. When I asked Harry if I could make up his character, he did not object, as he was asleep; so I made a character for Harry.

In order to introduce the tribal ork and the changes I made to Aidan, I needed to rewind the time line a little and replay some events. This just meant backing up to the part where they entered the warehouse offices so no one objected - as Tim didn’t want to be a decker anyway...

And so it came to pass that when last we left our heroes they were about to enter the warehouse...offices.

As we remember, our heroes, invisible J’hin, invisible Daphne, invisible Aidan, and “visible illusion of the dead guard” are about to enter the 72 Warehouse Offices.

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