Coming soon, the unofficial FAQ to alt.language.latin.

Based on postings from August 28, 2000 to October 5, 2001 the following issues are of general frequency.

  1. What is the best Latin dictionary in print? Online?

    The best dictionary is really a matter of what the person asking is looking to get. Does the person want the dictionary with the most entries? Does the person prefer examples of use a la the Oxford Latin Dictionary or Lewis and Short? Does the person want a dictionary that can easily be carried in a backpack? Does the person desire affordability? Does the person want vulgar words? Does the person want classical, medieval, or neo-Latin word listings? All of these factors go into selecting the "best" dictionary available. What follows is a list of generally available dictionaries for the student or scholar of Latin.

  2. I thought Latin was a dead language. Who uses it? Why should I bother learning Latin? Are there any sources for new Latin words?
  3. Pronunciation of Latin.
  4. What sites are available for learning Latin?
  5. Are there any self-tutoring groups around?
  6. What resources are available on CD?
  7. Is there an online list of abbreviations commonly found in referencing material?
  8. I just started learning Latin and I was wondering how long will it be until I am fluent or until I can read "serious" Latin.
  9. Where can I find a copy of "X" in Latin?
  10. Where can I find a translation of "X"?
  11. Can you tell me what the source of this phrase is?
  12. Can you tell me what this means?
  13. I found this on an ancestor's gravestone or in the church records during a geneology search. What does it mean?
  14. I am working on a motto for an organization or for myself and I was wondering if you could help me translate it into Latin.
  15. Why is it that nobody responded to my question?
  16. What are some sources for vulgar/obscene Latin?
  17. How do I say "X" in Latin?

    What follows are some of the more common phrases requested. If you don't see it here, then feel free to post it to the newsgroup. A note of advice when posting a phrase for translation: include the audience the phrase is intended for and the basic meaning of the phrase. Very short phrases can be ambiguous enough to cause a poorly suited translation. The more about the phrase a person translating knows, the more likely it will be what one is wanting.

  18. Should I kill file P.D. Weaver?
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