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Jack Case (Big Gun From the East)

Played By: Paul Wright





Attributes Skills Spells
Body: 3 (4) Athletics: 6 None
Quickness: 6 (7) Stealth: 6
Strength: 2 (4) Firearms: 6 Bioware
Charisma: 1 Unarmed Combat: 3 Muscle Augmentation Level 2
Intelligence: 5 Computer: 1
Willpower: 3 Electronics: 2 Cyberware
Essence: 0.4 Aircraft: 5 Cybereyes
Magic: Nil Car: 1 -Rangefinder
Body Index (Max): 1.6 (3) Military Theory: 2 -Flare Compensation
Leadership: 5 -Lowlight
Demolitions: 3 -Thermographic
-Optical Magnification Level 3
Equipment Equipment Continued -Cosmetics
Ingram Smart Gun 2 Browning Ultra-powers Boosted Reflexes Level 3
Comes with: -2 Concealable Holsters Crypto Circuit Level 5
-Gas Vent System -2 Silencers Plastic Bone Lacing
-Smartlink -2 Gas Vent Systems Hearing Amplification
-Silencer (extra cost) Lined Coat Commlink IV
Ranger ASM-3 Sniper Heavy Security Armor Select Sound Filter Level 3
Comes with: Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit Smartlink
-Gas Vent System

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