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Mercenary X-bowman
Poetic Composition (Mastered)
Read/Write Latin (Mastered)
Archery (Mastered)
Poetic Recitation (Mastered)
Read/Write Greek (Mastered)
Short Swords (Mastered)
Acting: Costume and Makeup
Read/Write Arabic
Acting: Performance
Speak Latin
Musical Instruments: Flutes
Regional/National History and Legend
Wearing Light Armor
Musical Instruments: Strings
Arithmetic and Mathematics
Astronomical Lore
Regional/National Geography
Pharmacology and Medicine
Diplomacy and Politics
Background Story: As a teenager, you decided to escape the life of farming and take your chances in a charter town. The lifestyle was tough at first and you took jobs as they came, spending most of your time begging for alms. After a year and a day in the charter town, you had finally achieved your legalized emancipation. Shortly afterwards, a band of travelling entertainers came into town. After careful contemplation and talking with the members of the troupe, you were taken into the band and trained in the arts of the entertainer.
Background Story: Using the wealth that your father earned in his business, he was able to successfully enroll you in a formal educational program in the city. Knowledge and learning have always been a passion to you and the opportunity to study at the religious schools was greatly appreciated. Although you've spent most of your life in various religious surroundings, the life of a clergyman never really appealed to you. Instead, you prefer to travel from monastery to monastery to discover wisdom in the various manuscripts that each place holds.
Background Story: Your father served as a mercenary man-at-arms. Unfortunately, he was a spearman in the front lines during a cavalry charge and didn't survive. Rethinking your career choices left you with the distinct impression that maybe the front line wasn't the place to be and you pursued opportunities to become a crossbowman. In the chaotic reign of King Stephen, a mercenary rarely has to look far for employment.
Father: Serf (farmer)  Your Social Class: Urban Freeman
Father: Townsman (Money Lender) Your Social Class: Townsman
Father: Mercenary Your Social Class: Guildsman
Background Skills: Field Crops, Vegetable Crops, and Begging.
Background Skills: Bargaining, Diplomacy and Politics, and Gold and Silversmithing
Background Skills: Spears, Fighting Staves, First Aid, and Streetwise
Bonuses: +2 STR, +1 level in 2 skills, Level 1 in Conditioning and Endurance, +3 Action Points
Bonuses: +3 AGIL, +1 level in 5 skills
Bonuses: +1 level in 7 skills