2To my knowledge, Latin does not possess the word technology. English inherited the word from Greek and it means "systematic treatment (i.e. study) of a skill or art." The The Bantam New College Latin and English Dictionary that I have suggests using officinarum artes. However, I would argue that it would be easy to adopt the Greek word technologia straight into Latin as a feminine noun. There is a use of the Greek word in a Latin manuscript in section 4.16.3 of Marcus Tullius Cicero's Letter to Atticus. In that section, he writes reliqui libri technologian habent. Although he uses the word more to mean a technical argument, I think its use hints at the idea that Latin could have easily incorporated the word had there been the need. With all this in mind I used the adopted technologia, technologiae. If you prefer, then use officinarum artium. Return to text.
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