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I'm looking for that special someone that makes everything complete. When I get done with a day at the office I need someone to come home to that is equally comfortable with staying in and talking and enjoying the connectedness that we have together or with going out to a fine restaurant and a theatre performance. I need someone who will both listen to me when I'm having a bad day and one who will come to me when she's having one. Whether we're out on a picnic or cleaning up the house it has to feel like this is THE person that I want to be with. The bonds that people share with one another is what makes being alive so special.

As far as looks go, I'm looking for someone who is slim/fit/average and attractive. Although looks are important I'm tired of dating girls who are "easy on the eyes and hard on the heart". I'm sure that there are plenty of beautiful women out there who are also good people.

I'm a caring, romantic, and intelligent person who would like to find someone with similar qualities to share life's ups and downs, build a huge home on lots of land, spend time with each others' families, and basically share the Hollywood ending with.

If you're interesting in learning more or just want to talk sometime, then email me at

Take care and good luck in whatever you're searching for.