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Masahiko Hino

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I met Masa when I began working for The Ohio State University's Bus Transportation Department. Masa had started working for the department just a few weeks before me. We worked together on wash crew which was responsible for fueling, sweeping, mopping, and washing the buses, handivans, and break cars for the bus department. The time that I spent working with Masa caused me to come to have a lot of respect for him. Masa was always working hard even when the rest of us were bullshitting like typical Americans. After a few months I ended up being in charge of overseeing the work of wash crew and I'm very thankful that I had Masa on my crew to help out.

Masa is originally from Japan. He came here to the United States to attend college after working for a travel agency. Masa originally enrolled in a school in upstate New York but he then transferred to OSU. Masa graduated in the summer of 1997 from Ohio State with his B.A. in Communications. He is presently working in Dayton.