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Patrick Tingler

Physical Characteristics:




Future Plans

Insight into my Personality

Many people have told me that I need to be less picky when it comes to choosing women, but I think that when it comes to love one has to shoot for the stars. When I get done with a day at the office I need someone to come home to that is equally comfortable with staying in and talking and enjoying the connectedness that we have together or with going out to a fine restaurant and a theatre performance. I need someone who will both listen to me when I'm having a bad day and one who will come to me when she's having one. Whether we're out on a picnic or cleaning up the house it has to feel like this is THE person that I want to be with. The bonds that people share with one another is what makes being alive so special.

I'm an intelligent, attractive, caring, romantic person who is searching for a woman with similar characteristics. If you think that we might have something common, then contact me at the above email address. Take care and best wishes.

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