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The development of this book came about as a realization that people who played fantasy games dealing with idealized and often times anachronistic concepts had no single work readily available for consultation when attempting to recreate or mimmick the historical middle ages and the events portrayed in the literature of the period. It is as both a long time gamer and a medievalist that the material presented in this series seeks to address issues of relavence to gamers with an eye to revealing some of the mysteries of the historical period.

The four volume series consists of three volumes which cover general areas and a final volume which provides guidelines for converting history to fantasy campaigns. The volumes are as follows:

Volume I: Arms, Armor, and Warfare of the Middle Ages
        --This volume covers the weapons, armor,ships, and tactics of the period.
Volume II: Society and Culture of the Middle Ages
        --This volume covers every day life, economics, legal structure, social customs, education, etc.
Volume III: Religion, Magic, and Mythology of the Middle Ages
        --This volume covers the extremely blurred line of religion and magic and covers the mythological creatures of
            folklore and literature.
Volume IV: The Middle Ages in the Modern World of Fantasy

Or maybe a one volume series with approximately 30-50 pages on the subjects of Volume I, 80-100 pages on society and culture, and 80-100 pages on religion, magic and mythology.